We are a precision machining company, born from decades of metal manufacturing experience. From manual machines, to prototype drawings, to (computer numerical control) CNC programming and machining, we have versatile knowledge in multiple aspects of the machining industry to assist YOU with your production needs.

Our machining facility is located in the Raleigh, North Carolina and specializes in prototyping, part production and made to order parts for both short run and long running jobs.

We have combined knowledge in numerous industries, including...

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We are committed to providing high standards and paying close attention to details when producing accurate products. Years of knowledge, specialized tools, machinery and technology, are applied to produce quality machined parts based on the customer's needs.

Clients are looking for a company that they enjoy doing business with. One where they are more than just another invoice, and one that they can TRUST. We pride ourselves in building long lasting professional relationships with our clients.

It boils down to this...

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